Investor Relations Advisory*

We view our role as strategic advisors to senior management for integrating finance, operations, communications, and marketing to produce the most effective interactions between a company, the financial and investment community, and other related constituencies.

We believe a proactive approach to investor relations contributes directly to maximizing a company’s valuation.

We achieve this via our global network of institutional investors, analysts and financial media relationships, coupled with our significant expertise in defining, evaluating, valuing, and proactively communicating our clients' corporate vision and investment potential.

* EMx Capital has a Strategic Partnership with Global IR Group, a firm with over 20 years of experience in Investor Relations advisory services




Investor Relations Advisory Services

Our services are designed to create a proactive and impactful investor relations effort that translates into higher company valuations

Institutional Investor Access.  EMx organizes non-deal road shows (NDRs) with US and global institutional investors via our extensive network of relationships and contacts. EMx supports the IRO as follows:

  • Reviewing/updating the investor presentation to ensure content is correct, current, and that it reflects the latest information and key company selling points.
  • Contacting investors prior to the NDR to assist in preparations. Following up after the visit to ensure the successful outcome of the meetings and clarify investor concerns not addressed during visit.
  • Preparing management with a description of investors to be visited, including investment style, country issues, industry specialization, knowledge of the company and other relevant idiosyncrasies.

Independent Valuations.  EMx conducts company valuations utilizing company metrics/forecasts and using various valuation methodologies. EMx prepares financial models for the company to share on the IR website and/or be offered to analysts/investors to facilitate their research efforts.  We assist companies develop comparable valuation tables that list the company relative to its local/global peers.

Analyst and investor targeting.  EMx works with the IRO to identify and target sell-side analysts that should be covering the company and currently are not.  EMx will strive to have company coverage by the top 5 sell-side brokers, at least, regardless of an analyst’s geographic concentration.

IR website.  EMx believes a company’s IR website is an important tool to communicate a company’s brand and story.  We suggest improvements to the company’s website to enhance interactions with investors.

Quarterly earnings/calls, press releases.  EMx assists companies prepare their press releases, suggests key information that analysts require to evaluate company results, suggest ways to maximize reader interest and impact, and recommend structure, content and dates for calls considering other reporting dates.

Investor day.  EMx contributes to the preparation of a company’s annual investor day, including:

  • Defining scope of the event, duration, logistics, site visits, and management participation
  • Assisting in the development of the management presentations
  • Developing a list of investors and sell-side analysts to invite

Investor Presentation and Annual Report.  EMx assists companies produce investor presentations to include long-term trends and macro/company metrics that effectively communicate companies’ growth perspectives. We assist preparing the annual report’s MD&A section and recommend specific financial metrics useful to investors to highlight company strengths.

Crisis Management.  EMx helps companies address controversial/negative events.  We aim to minimize the impact of an event on the share price by working jointly with management on all aspects of the issue.

Investor relations calendar.  EMx helps with companies’ investor relations calendar. Calendar include the most important broker conferences and we make every effort to ensure the company is invited. Calendar includes earnings, analyst/investor days, NDR dates, and investor visits to the company.

Senior Management Support.  EMx aims to become a trusted financial and strategic advisor to a company’s senior management team in all matters relating to Investor Relations.