Financing and Investment Advisory Services

We provide unbiased actionable financial advice to emerging market companies and identify and facilitate unique investment opportunities for institutional investors

Independent Valuations.  EMx conducts independent company valuations utilizing all company, sector metrics and economic forecast and using various valuation methodologies. We prepare detailed financial models for entire corporate entities, and/or of specific company assets for the purpose of mergers, acquisitions and/or divestitures.  Together with our Investor Relations Advisory* practice, we keenly focus on maximizing a company’s valuation as well as determining accurate asset values.

Capital Raising.  EMx provides strategic advice in all matters regarding capital raising.  We advise clients on specific capital needs and budgeting, develop detailed financial projections and prepare financial models based on potential capital structures, develop optimal financing alternatives and financial memorandum on companies and source interest from EMx’s vast global network of capital providers.  EMx typically focuses on transactions of between $5 and $100 million.

Relationship Management.  EMx has a wide network of global strategic partnerships and relationships that we use to facilitate the identification of investment opportunities and potential investors, deal structuring and execution, valuations, and capital raising strategies for specific client transactions.  Our reach is global and we are able to introduce clients to potential partners, as well as introduce investment opportunities for our clients to pursue.

Merger, acquisitions and divestitures.  EMx provides strategic advice to clients that are merging businesses, acquiring companies or specific businesses, and/or are disposing of an asset or of an entire company.  We research appropriate legal structures, prepare required documentation, value businesses and/or entire companies, and provide advice on ideal financing mechanisms and alternatives.  We specialize in cross-border transactions and focus on emerging market companies growing globally and on developed market firms investing in emerging markets.

Global Research.  EMx provides ad-hoc global detailed research and analytical services as requested by clients. We can analyze a specific corporate entity, a specific asset, local economic scenarios for investments, specific sector trends and dynamics, and provide detailed corporate and institutional due diligence services.  Our emerging markets expertise and relationships give us a unique view into local business scenarios and access to investment opportunities that we then make available to our clients.

Financial and Operational Strategic Planning.  EMx assists companies develop their detailed strategic and operational financial plans and forecasts. We assist clients define their mission, identify and refine operating and financial goals and objectives, understand the environment in which a company is operating, and develop the financing alternatives necessary to achieve company objectives.  Our research capabilities allows us to share with clients our intimate knowledge of the international capital markets together with an insiders understanding of a company’s business.  This typically results in a well-designed and efficiently implemented and funded strategic plan.

* EMx Capital has a Strategic Partnership with Global IR Group, a firm with over 20 years of experience in Investor Relations advisory services

Financing and Investment Advisory

We strive to provide excellent and unbiased actionable advice to emerging market companies wishing to vigorously develop and grow their businesses.  Likewise, we identify attractive investment opportunities for institutional investors.

On behalf of our clients, we engage in financing and fundraising efforts, develop corporate and financial strategies, conduct due diligence and independent valuations for mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, and facilitate other growth initiatives.  We introduce our clients to investors and partners and we introduce investors to unique and profitable investment opportunities around the world.

Our clients include private and fully-listed public companies with typical transactions falling within the $5 and $100 million 'middle-market' range.​